The Blood Brothers CD reviewed by Bo Pogue

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The Blood Brothers CD reviewed by Bo Pogue
Mar 18, 2003, 18:01

The Blood Brothers - Burn, Piano Island, Burn

THE BLOOD BROTHERS Burn Piano Island, Burn CD

When a captain of the recording industry drags in the guy who produced discs for Korn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, and At The Drive In to work on your major-label debut, he means to sell some records. Which is a bit confusing in the case of The Blood Brothers, who seem as if they'd be a hard sell to the Xtreme-ly facial-haired, denim neo-culottes set. Sure the Brothers bring with them Slipknot's sense of urgency and At The Drive In's skin flaying shriek on vocals, but this is a whole new level of mania, a level that makes those other bands seem suburban-cocktail party boring by comparison. Hell, all the leather-tennis-visor demographic wants to do is get stoned and bob its head to some “fuckin' rock”; I would think that they're not ready for this level of confrontation. In a nutshell, Burn Piano Island, Burn does to punk's conventions what John Zorn was doing to conventional jazz about 12 years ago (or whichever ox he was goring at the time). There's whiplash-inducing mood changes, putting thump-and-grind next to delicate, cabaret keyboard; gentle coffee-house acoustic guitar aside a wall of angst-driven fury. At times it's Mr. Bungle-style stop-and-go, at others the Brothers let the aggression sink in. Here there's a plodding guitar attack, there a dadaist reflection. This is, dare I say, an intelligent, well-plotted abandonment of the senses—what's a dude gonna do when this thing attacks his brain? Even if The Blood Brothers don't win over the throngs hanging out in the mall parking lot, the dedicated underground following the band has built over the last five years will be pleased to discover that they haven't sold out to convention with the move to the majors. Not even close. [ArtistDirect]

-Bo Pogue

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