The Briefs CD review [BYO]

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The Briefs CD review [BYO]
Mar 18, 2003, 19:36

THE BRIEFS Off the Charts CD

The Briefs' Dirtnap debut, Hit After Hit, was a super-sweet explosion of pogo-pop, juiced with all the brain-bursting caffeine and crank of Jolt cola. Off the Charts, however, is more like Bazooka bubblegum: a sudden burst of sugar, then the flava fades. Sure, catchy, elastic tunes like “Piss On the Youth” and the satirical “We Americans” have plenty of snap and sassiness—there's no denying The Briefs could write wiry New Wave pop songs in even the deepest depths of a beer-numbed slumber. And it's great to see the Seattle lads back on an indy after their dalliance with Interscope. But the wiseass snotball lyrics could use some added musical muscle. Off the Charts' crystalline tones are just a little too glassy and clear to give the songs the cruel edge that would really push the album towards perfection. Still… it's not like Off the Charts is a bad record. Just not the great one we could have hoped. Chalk it up to sophomore slump, maybe. But anyone seeking a retro-punk party album to rev up The Kids should look into it. These 11 nitro-spiked songs will get necks a-snapping, that's for sure. [BYO]

-J Graham

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