The D4 CD review [Infectious/Flying Nun/V2]

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The D4 CD review [Infectious/Flying Nun/V2]
Mar 25, 2003, 01:48

THE D4 6Twenty CD

New Zealand's entry into the Rock and Roll Revival Sweepstakes. Shoulda been born in Sweden, fellas. Yes, they're bound to get lumped in with The Hives, The Vines, and all the rest of the bands that have recently popularized a genre that never went away; and lumping them in would be an accurate gesture. D4 surely wants their brand of garage rock to evoke thoughts of The Stooges, to have their music and act thought of as “…down-n-dirty, amped-up sleaze jams [that] rock with reckless abandon…” or at least in the words of their publicists. Nice try, but there will be no jar of peanut butter awarded for this effort. The guitars sound great, the youngsters can sing, and all the requisite Moog and clap tracks are in place. Although it might seem sacrilegious, they do a cover of Johnny Thunders' classic “Pirate Love” that is faithful to the original, and also cover a Guitar Wolf tune but there's just something that's too squeaky clean about this band. The covers are part of the problem—odes to the greats are fine and dandy but don't play well in the garage genre, where a devil-may-care attitude is rewarded. Iggy Pop didn't smear that peanut butter on himself in Cincinnati as a tribute to the greats who came before him. He was breaking the mold. Likewise, D4's music has soft, comforting edges. It's too crisp, canned, and Vegas ready. There's not even a whiff of danger or anything resembling “down-n-dirty.” Jesus, they've got songs entitled “Rock 'N' Roll Motherfucker” and “Party” and for crying-out-loud, if you were to ask me, I'd say that's just trying too hard. [Infectious/Flying Nun/V2]

-Bo Pogue

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