The Entrance CD review [Tiger Style]

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The Entrance CD review [Tiger Style]
Mar 4, 2003, 03:00


THE ENTRANCE The Kingdom of Heaven Must Be Taken By Storm CD

Another release in the recent surge of lo-fi acoustic troubadours falling in the wake of actually clever artists like Devendra Banhart and Iron & Wine, The Entrance offers a contrived “weird” persona and haphazard folk-blues playing style in order to sound authentically damaged. The Entrance, a.k.a. former Convocation Of… bassist Guy Blakeslee comes across like a coddled prep-school rebel making strident efforts to imitate Bob Dylan and Marc Bolan (and perhaps even John Frusciante's genuinely drug-damaged first solo album.) But it sounds more like the annoying attention-seeking kid at the coffee shop who wants EVERYONE in the place to hear him play the Skip James song he just learned. Having been treated to Blakeslee's “look at me!” uninvited histrionics of pounding on a piano at a party once after a Convocation show some years back, it's certainly not surprising to hear his solo effort sounding equally obnoxious and self-congratulatory. Parts of this exceedingly long nine-song disc were recorded on lo-fi 2-track cassette, parts were recorded on hi-fi two-inch 24-track, and all of it comes across as the sound of a boy that mommy breast fed well into his early teens. [Tiger Style]

-Dave Clifford

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