The Fuse! CD review [In The Red]

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The Fuse! CD review [In The Red]
Nov 11, 2003, 20:46

THE FUSE! The Fisherman's Wife CD

The Fisherman's Wife is the finest, feistiest collision between noise and rock since the glory days of Amphetamine Reptile Records and its roster of thoroughbred sonic curmudgeons i.e. Cows, Hammerhead, Chokebore, et al.

The crucial element involved is the delicate, exacting balance of noise-ilicious anarchic imperatives and the more formularized dictates of “rockin'” per se. Veering too far in either direction can lead to tedium—via the homogeneity inherent in formlessness as well as in predictability. The Fuse! However pit the two impulses as mutual counter-leavers perfectly. The raw, diverse textures of guitars played loud through cheap amps and the dissonance of approximated tunings makes for a big, splayed, multi-colored sound. It's also a perfect expression of extreme emotion release: joy, anger, and confusion.

Also on tap, a handy knack for catchy rock riffery here and sturdy but ingenious songwriting there. The ensemble playing is consistently tight, solid and actually pretty precise… just delivered with an extraordinary urgency and a much more unruly box of crayons than most groups have the nerve to work with. They're thrilling in fact. [In The Red]

-Howard Wuelfing

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