The Goons CD review [Reptilian]

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The Goons CD review [Reptilian]
Nov 11, 2003, 20:35

THE GOONS Nation In Distress CD

The Goons are blessedly old school, new school traditionalist punk revisionistas. Nation In Distress is refreshingly raw, basic and hooky, cannily copping the poppier impulses of vintage para-hooliganism circa 1980. Those folks—Black Flag, Circle Jerks, etc.—had extensive resources (i.e. the entire history of rock 'n' roll excluding the most radio-friendly sorts of late 70's hair-metal and pop) to draw on when creating their retort to a year or two's worth of great Brit punk records and not so very many preconceptions of what “punk” was supposed to sound like.

The Goons, of course, are cursed with 25 years of punk-formularization to muddle through, but unlike 99% of their contemporaries, they've flicked it off like a blood-engorged deer tick. While not re-inventing the wheel, they draw exclusively from that first golden era of punk and the trove of influences it held rather than latter-day refinements of refinements of refinements of refinements of punk—so toothless that it'll play comfortably on TRL alongside fucking Lindsay Lohan for Iblis' sake! Nation In Distress is fulla solid tunes, each and every one equipped with a tungsten-steel sturdy, chord-based hook. They're smart enough to sneak in a sufficient quantity of pronounced deviations from punk-song-styling orthodoxy to avoid tedious conventionality.

Amidst a blur of sound-alike, careerist clutter The Goons shine like an acetylene torch's flame. [Reptilian]

-Howard W.

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