The (International) Noise Conspiracy CD review [Burning Heart/Epitaph]

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The (International) Noise Conspiracy CD review [Burning Heart/Epitaph]
Jan 21, 2003, 15:49


I'm always leery when it comes to politics and music since so few have really pulled it off without coming across too preachy or too trite. Both Bob Marley and The Clash were able to achieve long lasting success while inserting political commentary into their music. There are also those like Crass, Chumbawamba, and The Ex who have made a living informing you about the lack of justice in the world. The (International) Noise Conspiracy falls under the same category in that they feel it necessary to let you know about past and present failures of policy and procedure in every song. Lucky for me I'm too lazy to give a fuck and have a difficult time trying to decide between chicken and fish let alone what cause to support. I also rarely listen to lyrics so it's all wasted on me. I will say that The (International) Noise Conspiracy whips up a frenzied beat that's not half bad. If I pretend that they're singing about chicks and getting as fucked up as possible I actually convince myself that I like them. Unfortunately, every now and again I catch something about oppression and I'm reminded that I'm supposed to be paying attention because while I sit in my New England digs watching basketball and drinking beer there's suffering going on somewhere else. That's when I reach over, grab the remote, press stop, and ask my girlfriend to bring me another beer, once again ignoring all the world's problems. After all, that's the American Way. [Burning Heart Records]

-Troy Brookins

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