The Party of Helicopters CD review [Velocette]

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The Party of Helicopters CD review [Velocette]
Apr 8, 2003, 01:11


Please Believe It is crammed to busting with songs that are urgently bustling jigsaw puzzles o' sound. Each separate hunk is a lovely vivid hunk o' artistry on its own. There're thick, phosphorescing lead guitar hooks that are always memorable, always ambitious. Singer Joe Dennis' vocals are a marvel to behold: ruggedly handsome, carrying a mean tune and carrying it whither few dare to tread—couple numbers find him situated deeply in the falsetto zone. Drums work like that first ring of a tornado outside the eye—focused but vicious. The bass lines are a law unto themselves, but a cogent, tuneful one. All these elements are powerfully distinctive and masterfully rendered.

The punch line is that they're clearly presented on Please Believe It as pieces to all-together different puzzles! No one piece logically proceeds from one to the other. Yet they have been cunningly interlocked, and crafted into a forceful propulsive whole, still retaining the feel of utter unpredictability from second to second. They achieve the much sought after “best of both worlds” effect. Comparison to Dino Jr., SST-era Meat Puppets and latter-day Minutemen would all be apt. [Velocette]

-Howard W.

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