The Post CD review [Jalisco]

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The Post CD review [Jalisco]
Oct 7, 2003, 20:32

THE POST Hasten The Homecoming CD

In most aesthetic pursuits, everyone is influenced by someone and vise-versa to a certain extent. The Post is extraordinarily influenced by Joy Division and The Cure (in the latter's phase of being most derivative of the former no less). The difference is between influences versus derivation. There's basically nothing of worth on Hasten The Homecoming that's not copied verbatim from Unknown Pleasures, Closer, 17 Seconds or Faith.

The basic chassis of most songs is that unmistakable signature sound comprised of gallivanting bass capering atop hollowly echoing, stolid/sparse drumbeats and guitar spraying vague, genial filler noise or intermittent shard-like interjections. The numbers that depart from this model follow the Joy Division default mode of slowly descending or ascending chords with guitar and bass plodding along gravely, like two yoked oxen pulling a too-heavy plow. Meanwhile lead singer Oliver Boch contributes an excessively stylized, strained and stilted moan throughout, in an interesting attempt to synthesize the most affected mannerisms of his role models.

At their worst and least derivative, The Post manage some generic, predictably moody goth-lite hogwash; a couple minor chords swamped in reverb and those distinctive mock-agonized vocal stylings.

There's nothing wrong per se with following in someone else's footsteps to learn the ropes. Clearly The Post engaged in some intense cramming on the subject at hand. And if they learn to inject something new and unique next time around, the results could be very cool. Though with the current vogue for copycats ala The Killers, Rapture and Interpol they might be Next Big Things in short order with this release. [Jalisco]

-Howard Wuelfing

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