The Sick Lipstick CD review [Tiger Style]

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The Sick Lipstick CD review [Tiger Style]
Jun 17, 2003, 03:44



The past is here to stay! Plastic Ono Band did it in the early 70s. X Ray Spex and Kleenex did it in the 80s. Bikini Kill and Huggy Bear did it in the 90s. So, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Sick Lipstick did it at the turn of the Millennium. People, please, please, please, stop forming bands with folks that have exactly identical interests as yourself, it makes for really boring and redundant music. It really doesn't matter how intricately you know the details of your common influences, you're just doing Karaoke. Aesthetics are cool; a thoroughly complete look and sound makes sense. But, how about trying something that not everyone else is doing right now? The Sick Lipstick bought a few older post-punk records—perhaps egged on by the popularity of retro-80s music in the mainstream—and each member found a way to play just like those older records because the 80s are now. [Tiger Style]

-Dave Clifford

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