The Testors CD review [Swami]

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The Testors CD review [Swami]
Jun 17, 2003, 03:04

THE TESTORS Complete Recordings 2xCD

Is this glass half full or half empty? As you listen through the 37 selections comprising The Testors Complete Recordings there's plenty o' goodness encountered.  Here's a song with gorgeous vocal harmonies ala Bad Religion. There's one with beautifully brutish vocals in the style of Handsome Dick Manitoba. A couple could pass for good Dead Boys. And so on. There're lotsa individual points of favorable comparison with such folk with whom Testors were in fact contemporareous. Half full, right?

Throughout Complete Recordings The Testors brandish the classic, early punk aesthetic formulae with smug arrogance. This'd be the blending of the MC5 and Stooges' takes on garage-rock and white boy R&B with varying emphasis on one or the other and occasional minor detours into those bands' influences i.e. Seeds, Shadows of Knight, Standells, Them: nothing less and nothing more. What's on display is all “good enough” with odd moments that shine forth as outstanding. The Testors did not take that next step to knot all their diverse but isolated bursts of brilliance into an identifiable style of their own and kick ass consistently therein.  So plenty of nice raucous riffy rockers that could grace anyone's B-sides without shame. Perhaps the glass is half empty. [Swami]

-Howard Wuelfing

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