The Von Bondies CD review [Sire]

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The Von Bondies CD review [Sire]
Mar 9, 2004, 00:47


THE VON BONDIES Pawn Shoppe Heart CD

The biggest smash hit this band will ever achieve is no doubt the cold-cocking that singer Jason Stollsteimer took at the hand of White Stripe Jack White in December, 2003. It was sort of a parting shot, I understand, for some work White did for the Von Bondies. Glad my lawn crew doesn't say goodbye like that, cuz they are some seriously tough looking Mexican dudes as opposed to White, a doughy, sensitive fellow who surprised with some Roy Jones quickness in the execution and some Elvis speed in leaving the building.

On Pawn Shoppe Heart, one of the better album titles in a while, the single, “C'mon C'mon” is as usual the most tepid piece of crap on the platter and proof that the band is gutless and shame free in its nuzzling of pop culture approval. At the same time, songs, like “No Regrets” and “Not That Social” are blast-off shots that avoid the so-called “garage” retread and recital. The Von Bondies deserve some attention for their embrace of the good stuff which shows up in their playing. But not often enough. Get The Hunches, get The Kills, but for fuckssake, steer clear of the Detroit shit until the heat dies down and the A & R people leave town. [Sire/Reprise]


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