Trumans Water CD review [No Sides]

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Trumans Water CD review [No Sides]
Mar 18, 2003, 04:57


TRUMANS WATER The Singles 1992-1997 CD

There are few great bands as overlooked as Truman's Water. Let's take a look at some of their achievements: their noise-laden guitar assault defied musical trends when Black Dice were listening to Chaka Kahn. Their very first 7” featured free jazz sax bleat long before the days when Mac from fucking Superchunk had a free jazz label and Susie Ibarra was guesting on records by Yo La Tengo. Yet somehow, they've spent an entire career getting little respect for being the noise rock pioneers that many of us record store clerks know that they are.

The Singles 1992-1997 is a long overdue compendium of Truman's Water sides, sequenced chronologically, charting the progress of the band from fucked up to hopped up and back again. The excellent “Skyjacker 7,” long a personal favorite, is here, a no-fi blast of that sounds like the Dead C covering the Deviants, Angular rockers like Liars should take note of the groovy “Consort of the Crane,” while “New Kinda Radio” is more tape label skronk than anything else. You could call Truman's Water a garage rock band, but the garage door is closed and there's a baby blue Seville leaking carbon monoxide the whole while. Guitar freakouts, punk and a fair share of “I wonder if they know the tape is still rolling” rehearsal screech abound. The only thing lacking here are comprehensive liner notes.

The Singles 1992-1997 is an excellent place to start appreciating the great Truman's Water, and learn what the rest of us have known for over a decade. Godspeed the static kings. [No Sides]

-James Jackson Toth

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