V/A Dirtnap Across The Northwest CD review

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V/A Dirtnap Across The Northwest CD review
Feb 18, 2003, 02:27

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dirtnap Across the Northwest CD

Lost in drizzly hipster Seattle, bored and friendless? Or stranded in Portland, wondering what the hell there is to do besides slug back mugs of black coffee and hate indie-rock pantywaists? Let Dirtnap Records help. Like a Chamber of Commerce for the Pacific Northwest's punk underground, Dirtnap has thoughtfully compiled this sonic travelogue of 31 scene-chewing groups—if there's a scuzzy Northwest bar out of which to be kicked, these bands have played there. After exposing yourself to this CD (as opposed to the Washington State Police), you'll know which names in the local fishwrap calendar are worth investigating, since much of Dirtnap Across the Northwest flat-out rocks. Essentially the record pimps two rudimentary, reductionist styles: crunchy punk-pop ear candy (e.g., Exploding Hearts, FlipTops, The Briefs, New Town Animals, etc.) and rowdy, alcoholic, anthemic rock 'n' roll (e.g., Electric Eye, Gloryholes, Lopez, Catahoula Hounds, The Hunches). A smattering of Neo New Wavers like The Epoxies and The Intelligence revive the Casio bounce of yore. And the always offensive Spits deliver a typically brutal, typically moronic beatdown to several of the aforementioned bands with a greasy hip-hop parody to close out the album. It makes you feel dirty. Which, if you like the feeling, is the next best thing to seeing these groups corrupting the stage at your local tavern. [Dirtnap]

-J Graham

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