V/A Gravity Video 2 CD review

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V/A Gravity Video 2 CD review
Aug 12, 2003, 05:24


VARIOUS ARTISTS Gravity Video 2 Soundtrack CD

The companion soundtrack CD to the brief 22-minute DVD of short films made by tightly-wound uber-mind music visionary Matt Anderson is a somewhat unnecessary six-song collection of previously released songs (The Locust and Sea of Tombs) and alternate live versions of old songs by The Rapture, Tristeza and Black Heart Procession. The Men's Recovery Project loop-based track is apparently unreleased in any form previous to its appearance on video.

In the early 90s, Matt Anderson founded Gravity Records in San Diego in order to document the frantic punk rock renaissance that sprung up in the wake of his own awe-inspiring band, Heroin. The legend writ-small on the wall of time captured the brief output of Antioch Arrow, Clikitat Ikatowi, Angel Hair and many more, and accidentally brought to life the devolved movement known as “screamo.” Since then Gravity has slowed down production considerably as Anderson has turned his creative eye away from recording and designing impressively oblique album sleeves and begun focussing on film production.

While the DVD itself definitely shows Anderson's technical development at creating interesting visuals, the CD is merely a document of each band's sound. The live stuff sounds good, both because the bands are astute musicians and Anderson has a solid innate sensibility about guerilla recording that captures good performances within a limited sound spectrum. But, if anything, the Gravity DVD/CD package is essentially a demonstration that time (and Gravity) has moved on, and these already outdated films are simply a brief look back while hinting at future endeavors to come. Unfortunately, my cynical eye keeps flashing back on every other visionary label owner's yearning to expand his horizons, ending up in the long run to abandon both pursuits. I'd hope that Anderson's video production endeavors don't fizzle out in the same manner that the label did several years before. But for now, check out the DVD, and if you MUST have the music and can't figure out how to capture MP3s from DVDs, then by all means buy the CD too. [Gravity]

-Dave Clifford

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