Whirlwind Heat CD review [V2]

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Whirlwind Heat CD review [V2]
Apr 15, 2003, 04:08


WHIRLWIND HEAT Do Rabbits Wonder? CD

Detroit must be pretty heavily isolated from the rest of the underground simply because, while a lot of the great garage rock has been growing in that city, retro-futurist wave like Whirlwind Heat has fostered, festered and rotted elsewhere. Sure, Whirlwind Heat's got somewhat clever lyrics and its earnest Midwestern simile of Pere Ubu and early 4-track Devo's calculated isolation gives it heart. But, if producer Jack “I'm in the White Stripes” White were actually cognizant of things outside of his area code, he'd realize that Whirlwind Heat is just a vapid version of the retro-proto-post-punk that has been going on everywhere else for many years now. And, throughout the 13 color-coded tracks of this album (“purple” being a slight standout) nothing seems like a flag by which to identify Whirlwind Heat, it just sounds like someone else's sound. Retro-tarded and lacking innovation. [V2/Third Man]

-Dave Clifford

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