Willie Nelson CD review [Columbia/Legacy]

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Willie Nelson CD review [Columbia/Legacy]
Jun 24, 2003, 03:20


WILLIE NELSON To Lefty From Willie CD

America's best loved bandana-totin', weed-smokin', tax-evadin' country singer Willie Nelson first released this beautiful tribute to the songs of honky tonk hero Lefty Frizzell in 1975, the year of the songwriter's death. Now, finally reissued in 2003, this collection shows Nelson at his finest as a performer and showcases Lefty's wonderfully woeful tunes in remarkable renditions. Immortal country standards like “Look What Thoughts Will Do” and “Always Late (With Your Kisses)” are brought to life by Nelson's cozy vocals and the excellent production that shirks the studio glitz of 70s era Nashville in favor of a stripped-down barroom sound are thoroughly endearing. [Columbia/Legacy]

-Dave Clifford

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