Crystal Method CD review [V2]

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Crystal Method CD review [V2]
Jan 13, 2004, 22:37


The blandness of rote electronica, the thumpy speed dirge, is a trench that never seems to end, that awful pump-you-up shit so-called hipster clothing stores from Melrose Avenue to the fullashit Brooklyn enclave of Williamsburg embrace. It must be for the mindlessness that it both realizes and recognizes. Crystal Method is aware of that and goes a long way to avoid the trap, with a decent success rate.

In fact, this has more to do with Add N to (X) than Orgy or any of those dance floor sweepers who dug Ministry but just can't get it up to be brutal. Method keeps its fancies on the down low, a warped guitar link on the dingle “Born Too Slow,” or a brutal vocal on “The America Way.” The originality fades near the end: “Broken Glass” is a nevermind gay disco fancy. And none of these tracks bludgeon—ah, that would be too rough for these rather fancy boys who grew up in Las Vegas. No, like a good slot machine on Fremont, this disc gives it up just when you're ready to call it a day. The extended single for “Born Too Slow” is also worth finding, long, arduous and ambitious remixes that crank the guitar and expand to 7 or so minutes. Which really means they could have settled on fewer tracks here and more aggression. [V2]


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