Eszter Balint CD review [Bar None]

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Eszter Balint CD review [Bar None]
Mar 9, 2004, 03:10


There are people who should not do interviews, in particular, “artists.” How can one pack so much selfish pretension into a life? This precocious, solipsistic belief that anyone cares really ruins a good project.

In an interview published on the online music site Neumu, which is packed with actually serious writing about the absolutely silly act of playing music, she says, apparently with serious intent, "Even when I am in one place, music has a feeling of transporting rather than being stationary... something like the feeling of being on a train and looking out the window, or being in a car, there's something about a journey. It's something that feels home to me, possibly because of my growing up."

Eszter Balint is forever etched in marginal cinematic history for her role in 1984's Stranger Than Paradise and should also be noted just for being there in Woody Allen's Shadows and Fog and Steve Buscemi's Trees Lounge.

Oh, the music. Weepy torch songs that draw on tradition with absolutely no originality injected. Her self-absorbed orbit shows up in force as well, and destroys her cinematic credibility. [Bar/None]


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