Flying Luttenbachers CD review [Troubleman Unlimited]

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Flying Luttenbachers CD review [Troubleman Unlimited]
Nov 9, 2004, 05:56


If any Flying Luttenbachers album could be called “minimalistic,” it might be this one. After a career arc that took Weasel Walter (and his revolving crew of cronies) through pig-squeal jazz-thrash, maximum overload avant-metal, and bad-trip prog wanks, this trio recording—even compared to the solo overdub exercises of Walter's previous F-Lutt album—is positively pared down. There are moments of near-placidity here—especially if your concept of placidity includes the massed guitar harmonics of a Glenn Branca symphony. But this is still a Weasel Walter joint, so the majority of this Void is a sorta DNA-vs-XBXRX spazzola full of frantic fork-in-blender fretwork and drums that try to drive the band into a brick wall at 179 MPH. I especially like the guitar tone, a mechanized treble which sounds like a torqueing killbot deathbike. Despite the viscera-shaking craziness, though, these are clearly songs which have been scripted and rehearsed, making our journey more than a li'l improv hellride through some hipster's idea of wildness. Like the best Luttenbachers work, this is an honest-to-god album, not an unwisely extended joke or collection of dopey jams masquerading as genius. I'm digging on it. But I'm still waiting on that Lake of Dracula reunion, Mr. Weasel, sir. [Troubleman Unlimited]

-J Graham

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