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Fog of War DVD review
May 11, 2004, 03:58

FOG OF WAR, Directed by Errol Morris; Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment Video

Me: This is a piece of propaganda by the lefty Robert McNamara

Foreign photographer Maya Alleruzzo: It's an excellent documentary on the problems that arise when we get ourselves into something stupid. In this case, Vietnam, but it also speaks to the situation in Iraq.

Me: But he has no credibility. He's just another Beltway partisan looking to advance the agenda of the Democratic Party.

Maya: You didn't see this movie, did you?

Me: Of course not, I'm just talking like all the other uninformed freaks do. I thought I'd try it their way for once. I know nothing about the substance. It feels good, really, to be blathering about something I know nothing about.

Maya (ignoring ignorant comment); I was riding on this press bus over the Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day and this French journalist was trying to ask us if we had seen the “Frogs of the War.”

Me: Frogs? The French eat those routinely, right? Yea, he was French, he hated America and probably really dug the movie.

Maya: Anyway, it was a first person account of his experience as the Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War. It was the lessons of the war in 15 points.

Me: What were they?

Maya: One was empathize with the enemy…

Me: No wonder we lost that war. We had this touchy-feely freak running the show. Now I really hate Nixon. Affirmative action and Vietnam. I'm sure he had some way to blame the Jews for the whole mess, too.


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