Globe Unity Orchestra CD review [Atavistic]

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Globe Unity Orchestra CD review [Atavistic]
Sep 14, 2004, 22:44


A listening experience nearly epic and cinematic in it scope, utilizing a breadth of sources, and raising the “German experience” to an almost spiritual level. Head honcho Schlippenbach adds a choir this time to his masters of improv, including the usual Brotzmann, Bennick, Parker and guest Bailey on guitar. At times this reminds me of the Aktions of Hermann Nitsche, with a feeling of religious fury and fervor; the angelic choir rising above the bloody schisms and the filth, all while the monks inscribe works of art on the most mundane lists. One gets a real sense that Schlippenbach is presenting a manifesto here: an all encompassing view of jazz and its reliance on out-dated structures and imagery and how one can free themselves from such. This truly comes together as “unified.” the players themselves knotting into such a tight-knit group that the individual playing is far less important than the overall goal. A sprawling vision of what jazz's sound can be, where one is inside the mind of the composer and yet is both participant and spectator in the creation. The orchestra is hammering against classical jazz, yet somehow it never fully breaks those bonds, but uses them to mold a whole new sound; you hear its birth, growth and then the leap into the unknown. This one took me over. [Atavistic]

-Les Scurry

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