Gogol Bordello Vs. Tamir Muskat CD review [Stinky]

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Gogol Bordello Vs. Tamir Muskat CD review [Stinky]
Aug 31, 2004, 06:05


Members of NYC's Gogol Bordello—including infamous fire-torch front man Eugene Hutz—join forces with Big Lazy drummer Tamir Muskat to increase their combined liver capacity and go dancing. Yup, this is a disco album of sorts. The group's name, an abbreviation of Jewish-Ukrainian Freundschaft, is even inspired by '80s synth-popsters D.A.F. (Deutsche-Amerikanisch Freundschaft). Most of the resulting songs attempt to broker a detente between Balkan trad, Indian bhangra, American booty bass, and Jamaican dub: Fiddles saw and sway around the high rattle of swirling Persian percussion while thick kick-drum support is marshaled through chambers of deep echo reverb. One imagines this being the favorite platter of a DJ playing to a particularly weird cross-continental wedding. Since it's essentially club music, it lacks the inebriated storming glory of Gogol Bordello's punkified gypsy raves. But Hutz, for his part, goes all-out on vocals, barking and guffawing like bloodthirsty border dogs are gnawing at his scrawny ass. And if you can ignore the relative simplicity of the song structures—bazaar-speaker beat loops, the occasional instrument squeal, Hutz just being Hutz—you just might find yourself dancing on the tables. Or knocking them over. Whichever works best for you. [Stinky]

-J Graham

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