King Brothers DVD review [UK Project]

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King Brothers DVD review [UK Project]
Nov 10, 2004, 05:11


Japan's scour-power trio!!! (Our boys like things loud, so yes, the exclamation points are necessary!!!) For those who haven't felt the stinging pleasure, the King Brothers are three Japanese lads—two guitarists in matching suits, one shirtless drummer in ripped black jeans—who traffic in speaker-ripping trash-blues that sounds a little like late-period Pussy Galore with the occasional dabble in ramble-on Zep II mutations and excoriations. Noise battles melody. Chords distort to the point of complete feedback abstraction. And even a Japanese native would face a tough fight to translate the screams, which the poor Shure SM-57 stage mics can barely funnel without overloading. The camera work is as lo-fi as the performance, alternating between shaky close-ups of the band—who shimmy under a minimal cone of striking white light—and jostling audience-perspective views, shot through a packed mob of bobbing black hair. Only the flatness of your TV, the occasional cinematic trick (e.g., Woodstock-style split-screen views), and lack of human body stink prevents this from being a true you-are-there experience. J-Rock, brothers and sisters, oh yeah!!! [UK Project]

-J Graham

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