Maybe Chicago? CD review [Criminal IQ]

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Maybe Chicago? CD review [Criminal IQ]
Feb 9, 2004, 15:02


Effin' great roundup of current Chicago punk that succeeds because the hearts of those involved—i.e., the bands and, er, “producers”—lie not with the metal-ish crossover or squeaky-clean Epitaph fare of recent times; instead, the 11 degenerate combos concerned pay rabid reference to the primo blare put forth from U.S. basements and college rec rooms circa '79-'81 (the title's cute nod to seminal comps No New York, Yes L.A., and Boston Not L.A. seems to suggest that the early Windy City scene wasn't represented back in the day—but that would be to overlook the great Busted at Oz LP.) To be honest, if we'd first heard this four-track trash fest with our blindfolds on, we'd have pegged it as The Great Lost ‘Red Snerts' Outtakes, or, at least, The Stuff That Didn't Make it onto the ‘Florida Explosion' Cassette. Okay, our philosophy does dictate that the rearview-peering, retro-firing mindset of bands like these is akin to artistic tail-swallowing. But if you're going to play this kind of stuff, you may as well do it the way it's meant to be done. And these guys and gals most certainly do exactly that: Angry Samoans-style thuggery may be old news to us cats in our forties, but to the brats here it's dead on time—they play it like they mean it and they play it mean; their collective attitude is downright infectious.

So just who, then, is behind all of this fine racket? Consistent familiars The Ponys and the mighty Baseball Furies check in with one cut apiece; added kudos go to the all-femme Twat Vibe, the sax-spiked Phantom Three, and The Dirges, who deliver an off-the-rails cover of Ike & Tina's “What We Need is an Understanding.” But, really, it's a solid blast from top to bottom. Drop it on the neighbor kid who just got a guitar and has been torturing you with his/her attempts at Phish jams. You'll be doing the world a favor. [Criminal IQ]

-Peter Aaron

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