Metalux CD review [Load]

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Metalux CD review [Load]
Mar 18, 2004, 04:46

METALUX Waiting For Armadillo CD

I'm thinking there may be some sorta vague storyline sprinkled across these dozen tracks, but I'll be damned if I know exactly what Metalux is trying to conjure here—a magical journey of cloud machines and armadillo queens or something. Most of the vocals (spoken, not sung) are buried in slow distortion and deep-chasm echo anyway. Musically Metalux creates experimental hipstroid spin-art, then tweak it with lo-tech legerdemain. On tracks with titles like “Amethyst Dogs” and “Rotisserie Voodoo Llama,” effects-garbled guitars and squizzy electronic keyboards shoot comet-trails through the room like Lewis Carroll armed with a fireworks fountain and a synthesizer with lots of freaky unmarked knobs on it. It feels designed to accompany a theater play staged with cardboard gnome costumes and rainbow strobes, i.e., the “songs” work better as aural set dressing than solidified constructs on their own terms. But even if these bizarro, tottering, acid-blotter blurbs of wigged-out synth warbles and background chatter never congeal into anything more than slippery electro-psychedelic blobs, they are eerie and evocative enough to let you make up your own damn story—which is more than can be said about lesser Load Records shenanigan bands, who merely freak out like anal-expulsive chimps with the hope that some of their shit sticks. Metalux tries to take you somewhere. Where exactly they take you is TBD by your own fried brain paths. [Load]

-J Graham

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