New Christs CD review [Smog Veil]

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New Christs CD review [Smog Veil]
Jan 2, 2004, 04:25


Devotees of loud rock and roll that is crafted with precision and played with conviction will flip when they hear We Got This, the final CD from Rob Younger's long running post-Radio Birdman band, The New Christs. After the steadily deadly 45s that they fired off in a pair of rounds prior to the release of their first LP in 1989 the New Christs were considered to be a definitive singles band. But over the course of twenty years they recorded three full-length records and We Got This may be the most convincing proof that their studio records were strong and original enough to hold a listener hostage for extended periods of time. Younger, the singer, maintains his cool while guitarists Mark Wilkinson and Alan Creed blend layers of rhythm that are reinforced with keyboards and then dissected by razor sharp guitar solos. There's nothing fancy about the New Christs and it's easy to take bands like them for granted. But it's quite a feat when a band can write an LP that can be listened to in its entirety without creating an urge to jump tracks as soon as a chorus is about to be played for the second time. [Smog Veil]

-Jeffrey L. Ouch

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