Noxagt CD review [Load]

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Noxagt CD review [Load]
Mar 30, 2004, 06:11

NOXAGT The Iron Point CD

Here's an instrumental trio that features violin but sounds nothing like Dirty Three, Norway's Noxagt wreck the walls of your domicile with heavy malevolence and light up the room with halos of melodic brilliance. The bassist musters all the deep seismic rumble of those enormous early Swans LPs (crossed with a dose of Lightning Bolt's hypnotic loop destruction). The percussionist often pummels his drum skins like an ape with a Kubrickian bone. And then there's that slicing violin, providing the knife that cuts across the treble frequencies like a hacksaw blade through paper (or like D3's Warren Ellis after some serious amphetamine-induced aneurysm). At its most weighty and intense, this album sounds huge. What really elevates Noxagt, however, is its dedication to structure. Where other noisy instronauts try to chew into your cranium with their repetitive abrasions (like the aforementioned Lightning Bolt), attempt to melt your brain with freeform mania (like Acid Mothers Temple), or simply rev the same note motifs up and down ad nauseam (like Mogwai), Noxagt arranges its songs with down-tempo lulls and devastating crescendos, sweet echo drones and sweaty firestorm psychoses. In doing so, the Norwegians align themselves with compositional groups like Tribes of Neurot and Larsen as much as their unchainable Load Records peers. They can bring the pain, OK… but with a plan and a purpose. For noise-rock fans, this is mad science where the science counts as much as the madness. [Load]

-J Graham

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