Point Line Plane CD review [Skin Graft]

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Point Line Plane CD review [Skin Graft]
Oct 5, 2004, 16:29


It's almost unheard of—a band signing to Midwestern No Wave label Skin Graft and becoming less noisy? And yet here it is: Portland's Point Line Plane has done exactly that. Following a self-titled debut on Sincere Brutality, PLP upgrades from a duo to a trio and slows its lo-fi electronic shriekfests into wider, weirder sci-fi séances that channel Suicide and Nice Nice thru degraded late-nite broadcasts of Logan's Run. Singer/keyboardist Joshua Blanchard still has the same septum-splitting whine working, but he doesn't scream so much as wail like he's feeding back on his own vocal amplifier. Meanwhile newcomer Howard Gillam adds drips and drizzles of analog synth over Blanchard's crackling organ bass lines and Nate Carson's tricky drum patterns which, depending on the moment, either keep the songs moving to a post-motorik chug or threaten to derail the machine with legs-akimbo breakdowns that keep the road bumpy. Like your tunes more krautrock than Kid Rock? Think electronic music needs an indie kick in the pants? Wish more New Wave revivalists would toss the bored sexbot shtick and kick it with human frailty and fight? Here's a place to start. [Skin Graft]

-J Graham

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