Strategy CD review [Kranky]

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Strategy CD review [Kranky]
Apr 23, 2004, 20:35

STRATEGY Drumsolo's Delight CD

Synthesizers and computers can make lotsa cool, weird sounds and there's lots of those here on Drumsolo's Delight. And assuredly there is pleasure to be had just making strange noises or ignoring conventional rules of music making for its own sake. There's plenty of that too. Both prerogatives can make for excellent tools/building blocks when deployed with inspiration or even mere cunning; in and of themselves they're seldom compelling. “Strategy” AKA Paul Dickow (Emergency, Fontanelle, Nudge) has not gone that extra distance.

At times he'll loft cottony cloudbanks of soft-focused chords and throw in random scratches, pops and hisses and some out-of-sync melodic noodling. Elsewhere he tries his hand at dub reggae—a genre originally built out of juxtaposing the structured with the unpredictable, but—30 years on from this genre's introduction—Dickow merely reprises its tenets without actually introducing any elements of surprise, surprise being its very essence!

As such, Drumsolo's Delight winds up being your average post-electronic, down-tempo outing. Moody, computerized, all systems set to “cruise” chic wallpaper. [Kranky]

-Howard Wuelfing

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