Subsonics CD review [Slovenly]

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Subsonics CD review [Slovenly]
Jun 11, 2004, 03:55


SUBSONICS A Lot to Forget CD

Timing is everything: Atlanta's Subsonics sounded like the Velvet Underground on its debut album in 1996 before anyone had Stroked themselves in New York. Subsonics were the Southern Gories long before John Gillis merged the fey hipster aesthetic with the ferocious R&B meltdown of Bo Diddley and Skip James. But, in the wake of The Strokes and White Stripes' success, Subsonics' pedestrian follow-up now seems like the musical equivalent of those rainbow-vision “new wave” single parallel-line sunglasses hitting the scene in the 80s long after everyone had learned to “whip it” and “whip it good.” Lo-fi, Velvets, Kinks, Stones, Love, etc. The songs aren't so great but they know how to imitate. For whatever that's worth, there's A Lot to Forget. [Slovenly]

-Dave Clifford

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