The Cramps CD review [Vengeance]

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The Cramps CD review [Vengeance]
Sep 21, 2004, 22:51

THE CRAMPS How To Make a Monster 2xCD

Truth in advertising alert: the back of this disc states “Cramps fiends only” and they ain't joshin'. A casual fan or new listener certainly won't be interested in the lowest of lo-fi practice tapes showing the bands growth from the very early days of '76 with some rather stumbling versions of early classics with what sounds like people they just pulled in off the street. However, things improved greatly (but still haltingly) with the fall sessions. The rest of the first disc jumps to 81/82 and the late 80s, where things stand today as far as their sound, so there is no real surprises there. The 2nd disc hits you with two lives sets, from '77 and '78 respectively. It's like night and day. The 77 set is tentative and rambling, Lux's personality and stage manner is non-existent. On the '78 set, people are just going freakin' NUTS. Songs that got heckles of “Play another Fishbone song” on the year before get screams that sounds like an audience watching the Backstreet Boys. These songs are certainly the keeper for me. Good stuff, but with the caveat that you are purely a Cramps collector. [Vengeance]

-Les Scurry

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