The Double CD review [Matador]

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The Double CD review [Matador]
Dec 5, 2006, 04:06

THE DOUBLE Loose In The Air CD

The Double's third album for Matador retains the band's signature noise-mope, adding little to the formula laid out on 2004's Palm Fronds but adds a refreshing clarity in production that strips away much of the hiss and reintroduces the band as a tuneful heir to the throne of The Cure or The Smiths. Opener “Up All Night” sets the stage for much of the album, which is as mellow as it is melodic, and is delivered with an ease reminiscent of indie forbearers and label mates Pavement. The band is still most interesting when they seamlessly blend the electronic touches that were most prevalent on the earlier records, as on the infectious “On Our Way.” It's not all slacking, though—“What Sound It Makes The Thunder” is as close to ‘rocking out' as the band gets, but the inventive use of organ and guitar squall make for a sound that the band would be wise to pursue on future sides. The loose, ragged arrangement and wild vocal bring to mind the often underrated, Silkworm, another classic Matador band. It's a sound that suits the band well. [Matador]

-James Jackson Toth

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