The Flesh Eaters CD review [Atavistic]

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The Flesh Eaters CD review [Atavistic]
Aug 24, 2004, 23:05

THE FLESH EATERS A Hard Road To Follow CD 

This record changed my life. I should just leave it at that, but you'll probably want to know why… Or maybe not. In 1983, when this record came out, punk was pretty much done and things were changing. The Flesh Eaters were always more than a punk band, hanging alongside blues-doomers The Gun Club and the like. But the Eaters were way ahead of most, with the lightning and sinewy riffage of Don Kirk and the just plain muscular bass of Robyn Jameson. This line-up came into fruition with Forever Comes Today (another masterpiece), but on this, it was all there: The lyrics; the music; all of it. This record just boils from start to finish, with angst and anger and a terrible lonely sweetness that is sealed in time here. The band would change after this release and it would never recapture the righteousness contained here and rebottle it again. A bright blazing scream in the darkness is what this is, giving you hope that while the shit was going down, there was an end to it. Turns out there wasn't, but while this is playing, you can forget all that…

Bonuses include some reworked older material from their first release, the monumental (I fucking mean it) title track that actually wasn't on the record, plus a live version of “Divine Horsemen.” This is necessary for any right thinking human. [Atavistic]

-Les Scurry

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