Tom Waits CD review [Anti]

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Tom Waits CD review [Anti]
Oct 5, 2004, 22:48


The man continues to break away even further from traditional instrumentation (could be from its use of it in Alice/Blood Money, the previous releases), yet it's still all Waits. Some of these songs just barely hold together, others are as grand as any full-on Waits weeper. There are a slew of sounds and ideas colliding here, but the naysayer in me feels that some of it is rather forced coming from a man trying new modes of communication without really knowing what to say. The record is constructed as if it's a practice session, yet even this rough hewn and slapdash effect almost feels trite, a wink from Tom to you knowing that this is a studio creation more than anything. When Marc Ribot enters the picture, Waits feels truly in control of his imagery and tone, and then enters the “classic” Waits of yore. Is part of me holding on to the image of Waits I have in my head and ears? Yes, probably. Yet even after many, many listens, I don't feel the passion of his creativity in some of these tracks, like the overly affected “Don't Go Into The Barn” and “Circus,” or the clumsy “Metroplitan Glide.” I keep going back to the Tom of “Make It Rain” and “Day After Tomorrow.” In no way do I think this is a weak or lackluster record, but... My expectations of Waits are of my own making and are a mile high. Nonetheless, I come out of this feeling needy and wanting more, not ready for the years before the next release [Anti]

-Les Scurry

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