Transistor Transistor CD review [Level Plane]

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Transistor Transistor CD review [Level Plane]
Jan 20, 2004, 15:52


I will make no pretext as to being up on current, or even recent, “punk rock” music. Whenever I do monitor the stuff, much of it sounds like a buncha whiney, clueless brats complaining about the slightest slight or emotional discomfiture—real or imagined. A lot sounds incredibly predictable and formulaic. “Punk” has gone from attitude to style to finally a marketing category and might as well be a section at Best Buy. Hey, I'm an old guy and crotchety as fug—what ya want from me?!

So… I have no hip, contemporary comparisons to make on behalf of the virtue of Transistor Transistor and their Wolves CD. It's emotionally galvanizing, artistically astounding. Transistor Transistor attains escape velocity within seconds of Wolves' opening and never slacks off. They've got a great facility for suddenly changing-up their rhythms while charging ahead at full gallop, providing a nice element o' surprise. The writing's nicely off-center yet riffy as hell in a Minor Threat-ening stylee. A lotta lickage has a metallic heft and tang, ala Damaged-era Black Flag. Some of the chordings have a distinctively Sonic Youth-ian, weirdly-tuned “Thwang!” to 'em. Lead singer bears a respectful, but not doting, resemblance to prime Rollins.

Of course it's easy to play spot-the-influence with most bands, but not everyone cooks their roots up into original distinctive brews as Transistor Transistor do here with great expertise, emotional gusto and aesthetic flair. Bravo! [Level Plane]

-Howard Wuelfing

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