Wolf Eyes CD review [Sub Pop]

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Wolf Eyes CD review [Sub Pop]
Oct 31, 2004, 16:55

WOLF EYES Burned Mind CD

With a fancy-pants album on alternative maxi-label Sub Pop and that spot on Lollapalooza 2004, are we supposed to think Ann Arbor's lauded noiseboys want to buy a ride on the Superstardom Express? Bogotá-grade cocaine, champagne, dates with MTV teen divas, the full crossover scam? Judging from the sound of Burned Mind, fans have nothing to worry about—big label or no, this is exactly like all the preceding Wolf Eyes records: streams of painful high-end feedback sluicing into waves of analog electronic-industrial acid; unintelligible distorto vox that are more screech than speech; and long moments of pure black silence which serve to further accent the ensuing spikes of violent white noise. So it's another Wolf Eyes album. If you haven't experienced  the awesome spine-grinding power of their live show yet, and you long to feel the sonic equivalent of swan diving into a wood chipper, line up behind the skinny kid with the Freedom From t-shirt and wait your turn to get shredded.

Of course, it must be said that Wolf Eyes are not as blazingly original, amazingly radical, or offensively troublesome as their most obvious old-school inspirations, Throbbing Gristle and Whitehouse—both of whom beat Wolf Eyes to the industrial punch by 20 years. And there are plenty of other artists (The Haters, D. Yellow Swans, anyone on the Tesco label) who play a similarly vicious musical game and get less acclaim in a year than Wolf Eyes do in a week. That's probably because Wolf Eyes tap into indie hipster power lines instead of simply sticking with the strict militant noise scene, usually too busy penning misanthropic screeds against bastard mankind to bother with self-promotion. So you can blame Wolf Eyes for being too young or too clued-in to The Scene. But you can't really fault the music. It'll rip your eardrums out, fold them into origami daggers, then use 'em to chop your lobes off. In other words, perfect for your next pool party. [Sub Pop]

-J Graham

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