Year Future CD reviews [GSL]

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Year Future CD reviews [GSL]
Sep 21, 2004, 17:04


Sonny Kay (GSL bossman and lead screamer for Angel Hair, The VSS, etc.) teams with guitarist Rockey Crane (Dead and Gone, Creeps on Candy) to find their fortunes in Year Future. On the basis of the eponymous kickoff EP, the future's got some brightness to it—provided you don't mind a few shadows from the past leaning into the picture frame. Crane's growth on his instrument is the most noteworthy element here: After beginning his career smudging thick streaks of power-chord doom across those early Dead and Gone LPs, he's recently discovered the beneficial effects of an echo box. His juicy, corkscrewing, reverb-laden guitar lines now make him sound like the unsettling descendant of the Birthday Party's Roland S. Howard and Dead Kennedys' East Bay Ray, all while throwing his own gloom-punk tricks into the mix. Kay, as always, prefers the throat-clearing expectorant bark as his favorite method of expression. And he's got power, no doubt. But in the few moments he calms down enough to actually sing, we discover our boy's got a pretty rich voice. A touch more of that would aid both our appreciation of the songs' dynamic shifts and better allow us to walk in Kay's disturbed lyrical footsteps.

The follow-up EP, The Hidden Hand, is much the same, only with slightly bigger, burlier production values, pushing the bass way up in your face and throttling you with the bigger fists that a quality studio can provide. Instead of sounding too polished or shrink-wrapped, here Year Future sounds like it's ready to burst through the jewel case and out of the plastic packaging.

All told, these two EPs mark an enticing debut to a band that could start some exciting fires in the post-punk underbrush. Let's get on that full-length album—and sooner rather than later, shall we, comrades? [Gold Standard Laboratories]

-J Graham

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