25 Suaves CD review [Bulb]

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25 Suaves CD review [Bulb]
Jan 20, 2005, 15:52

25 SUAVES I Want It Loud CD

I have a friend who regularly gets pissed drunk and turns into a stuttering, babbling idiot. Anyway as the night progresses (usually into the latter portion of a case) he starts fixating on one band or another before rounding the bend to full-on shittiness and pulls out his trusty ol' “glam” video before passing out, mumbling how “kids just don't understand.” Well, on the numerous occasions that I've had the pleasure of this experience, he has played the crap out of another CD or tape by the aforementioned 25 Suaves at extremely loud levels, screaming at me how great they are. All the while he's on his IBM saving the world from Nazi tyranny by reenacting battles from WW2. Usually the next day at breakfast, I would agree to disagree about the merits of the band and he would inform me in no uncertain terms what a cretin I've become.

Now If you think limp-dick power thud is your cup o' Joe, than by all means, you'll really dig this. As for yours, truly? I think that Helmet, the Melvins, and a score of others played this style better some ten-plus years ago. As for my pal? I think he likes 'em because he has hot pants for the drummer. Postscript: Just a note to the band; nothing says “hayseed” more than the photo on the back cover. [Bulb]


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