Akron/Family CD review [Young God]

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Akron/Family CD review [Young God]
Mar 22, 2005, 22:53


Brooklyn by way of Nowheresville, the four “brothers” Akron have created an updated ode to Americana which references both The Allman Brothers and Thinking Fellers. This is a patchwork of sounds and subtlety that shift and slide with creaks and squeaks that wash effortlessly into an explosion of tribal rhythm created by some unconventional instruments sounding like car keys on empty Coke bottles. But that's just scratching the surface. Falling neither in the alt-country range nor the new folk scene, Akron/Family defies categorization and creates something that finds itself somewhere in between the familiar and the future of possibilities. There's some chance taking here and Akron/Family pull it off by never allowing the experimentation to get out of control. Every song rolls out found sounds wrapped inside basic melodies that help tie it all together, creating something organically genuine without sounding pretentious. It doesn't hurt that they each play a zillion different instruments and the vocals can at times recall a Jeff Buckley-like range. There are several moments, especially around “Before and Again,” “Lumen,” and “Running, Returning,” that send chills to the back of your neck letting you know you've connected to something remarkable. It's the blend of four unassuming guys pulling off beautiful songs that sound effortless coupled with their mad scientist alter-egos who take things in a sonic direction that makes this debut so goddamn amazing. [Young God Records]

-Troy Brookins

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