Angels of Light CD review [Young God]

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Angels of Light CD review [Young God]
Mar 22, 2005, 18:49

ANGELS OF LIGHT The Angels of Light Sing “Other People” CD

Michael Gira has had an interesting life that began in the late sixties as a teenager living in Paris and continues today through his music and label. His influence as a musician, collaborator, and creator is immeasurable. He has never been able to sit still, never allowing himself to rely on a particular sound or success. Instead, Gira has continually evolved, always staying two steps ahead of the rest of the world. The signing of Devendra Banhart has brought a lot of attention for both Gira and Young God. This is both a blessing and a curse since success means that you have to talk to people and the very private Gira would rather let the music speak for itself. His recent signing and collaboration with Brooklyn's Akron/Family should continue to bring good fortune since Akron/Family have managed to pull something out of Michael Gira that seemed like an impossibility—happiness—while providing a backdrop for Gira's stories which are based on people Gira knows both directly and peripherally. This is a truly beautiful record that finds a feeling of calm that radiates from Gira in an almost spiritual way. He delivers as if something has been lifted; some burden, some anger, some hate, some thing. Whether this was Akron/Family inspiration or perhaps the idea that things seem to be going well for Gira it marks a refreshing and dare I say accessible record considering this comes from a guy who has cultivated an aura of intimidation that I'm sure existed even before Swans ever played their first note. [Young God]

-Troy Brookins

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