BBQ/Scott H. Biram CD reviews [Bomp/Bloodshot]

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BBQ/Scott H. Biram CD reviews [Bomp/Bloodshot]
Mar 22, 2005, 18:58

BBQ Tie Your Noose CD SCOTT H. BIRAM The Dirty Old One Man Band CD

The battle of the one-man bands finds former Spaceshits/Les Sexareenos Mark Sultan facing off against Austin's own Scott H. Biram. One is a rock and roll gift and the other a self-proclaimed badass. Sultan, who tours and records under the name BBQ hails from Canada where the air is full of creative spark and hot-shit bands. Sultan, who is also responsible for Sultan Records, previously released a self-titled BBQ record on Alien Snatch Records and if you failed to find it you missed one of the best rock and roll records released in the last decade. The follow-up finds Sultan where he left off, still creating some of the best Buddy Holly meets Sam Cooke stomp, shake, and rattle this side of Sun Records. It's difficult to imagine that it's just one person behind this amazing homage to rock and roll in its purest, most simple form, but Sultan doesn't require any assistance to bring it. His sound is honest, timeless and unmatched by any.

Scott H. Biram comes across as Sultan's backwoods, bluesy cousin who's always showing up to family functions half-cocked on cheap booze and methamphetamine. While Sultan sways us with his soulful delivery, Biram spits out his words with a mouthful of whiskey and gravel. Both men deliver raw realism, but it's the other-side-of-the-tracks Biram who screeches and growls like a man possessed. This could be Biram's downfall as some of the songs come across as novelty and forced. I'm sure that the live show is a must-see and most of the tracks collected on The Dirty One Man Band hold up well, but Biram often makes his act a tough sell when it all seems a bit too tongue and cheek. [BOMP!/Bloodshot]

-Troy Brookins

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