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Buzzoven CD review [Alternative Tentacles]
Aug 31, 2005, 16:14

BUZZOV*EN Welcome to Violence CD

Buzzov*en is a band whose heyday of recording and touring (actually, pillaging might be a more accurate description, if the liner notes can be believed) was in the early 90's and has subsequently come and gone. Can't say I knew much about them before hearing this CD, short of the vague memory of hearing the name, but that's about it. Listening to Welcome to Violence though makes me kick myself for missing them.

Welcome to Violence compiles and re-masters the band's first two EPs, Wound and Unwilling to Explain, and their first full-length, To A Frown. The sound is raw, jagged and brutally slow—they not only wanted to dig their heels into the listener's face, they wanted to draw it out, so that every individual particle of muck stuck in the grooves of their soles could be tasted.

I could go on about how influential Buzzov*en seems in hindsight (in heavy music, slow is the new fast, don't you know), but really, who cares about that? I don't listen to music because it's oh so seminal, I listen to it because I like it, and I like this. My only qualm here is they lead off too many songs with dialogue samples. This can be good in small doses, but annoying when overdone and overdo it they diid… Still, that's a pretty small grievance, and it's not all bad to get a bit of a break and or an interlude between such sweet aural punishment. [Alternative Tentacles]

-Brett Horn

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