Cerberus Shoal CD review [North East Indie]

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Cerberus Shoal CD review [North East Indie]
Oct 4, 2005, 17:17

CERBERUS SHOAL The Land We All Believe In CD

Over the course of eleven albums, Cerberus Shoal's consistency has been in their surprising inconsistency. While each record retains the band's unique and musically proficient modus operandi, each one is uniquely fried, and The Land We All Believe In is their weirdest yet. The band channel Torch of the Mystics-era Sun City Girls on “Wyrm,” which finds the band speaking in tongues over a rollicking bass-centric groove, while “Spy” features beautiful female vocals and a paranoid spoken word detour that's equal parts William Burroughs and Edward Gorey. The band's seasick folk prog has never sounded more meticulously detailed than on the exhausting “The Ghosts Ate Greedy,” while the comparatively poppy “Pie For The President” imagines Sparks as forecasters of grim social revelations. While the occasional use of traditionally ‘cheesy' Casio beats is intrepid, it succeeds in context. In fact, a whole lot of The Land We All Believe In is based on these types of risks, but less of the ‘know when to hold ‘em' variety than the ‘we have nothing to prove to anyone, we're veterans, so fuck off' variety. You gotta love that in a band. [North East Indie]

- James Jackson Toth

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