Cooper-Moore/Tom Abbs/Chad Taylor CD review [Aum Fidelity]

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Cooper-Moore/Tom Abbs/Chad Taylor CD review [Aum Fidelity]
Mar 7, 2006, 04:18


There's little time to fasten seatbelts before the piano, bass and drums trio Triptych Myth lurch forward in the very first moments of their self-titled CD. Led by pianist/composer Cooper-Moore, the group rips through twelve songs that come from a realm where frenetic fringes of free jazz commingle with earthy, Mingus-like grooves. Even during their more outré excursions there is a stomp to the pace that makes following in their footsteps easy.

Whether he is cueing off of Cooper-Moore's aggressive left hand or soloing for the entire six minutes of “Raising Knox” bassist Tom Abbs plucks with the power of ten thumbs. Percussionist Chad Taylor (Chicago Underground Duo, Marc Ribot's Albert Ayler project) gets his moment in the forefront via a solo piece but his splashes, crashes and fills play an integral part in nearly every piece. This is a fantastic debut LP and a worthy precursor to the series of three Triptych Myth albums that are slated for release on the Aum Fidelity label in 2005-6. [Aum Fidelity]

-Jeffrey L. Ouch

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