Dandy Warhols CD review [Capitol]

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Dandy Warhols CD review [Capitol]
Sep 13, 2005, 18:03

DANDY WARHOLS Odditorium or Warlords of Mars CD

Capturing old magic is too often a misguided musical endeavor, so at first listen, this comes off as a deaf man's Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia. Just like Tales, the prod credit goes to leader Courtney Taylor-Taylor and minion Gregg Williams. The jacket of Odditorium, just as on Tales, exists to perpetuate the rock star dreams of the band: Here's Taylor-Taylor, pretty in a mini skirt, fag dangling lipside, and the rest of the band follows suit in leather, buckskin and velvet.

And the music is the same pleasant mélange of salacious vibe and poppy purpose. A snippet of welcome country indulgence (“The New Country”) is today's “Country Leaver.” They do it so well.

The perfectly placed melodies, the whispered crooning representing as vocals, and the swath of acoustic guitars, they are all here and the songs are, well, fun. Who is going to tackle these guys with intensity in mind? They are what they are, a great pop band with wry as their muse and a fuckuva sense of humor. Fuck the Nick Rhodes-produced Welcome to the Monkeyhouse, we want more of what made the Dandy's a cult fave, y' know? Duran Duran—as cool as they are—can't touch these guys.

The falsetto voice under the meandering beat of “Easy” is chiller-sexy and the first single, “Smoke It” will never hit, thankfully. We don't need the black veil of popularity to get these guys closer to the establishment. They may crave the throngs, but the selfish among us need them to stay near home.

The tour this fall hits the high points in the U.S. but the live show has to be better than the several I caught on the Monkeyhouse tour, which were tepid and self-indulgent. Even the old stuff was rendered impotent by their faux-rockstar, style-over-substance stance. Irony isn't effective when the show suffers. This excellent new batch of songs, trippy here, flip there, have to come across live this time through. And I'm sure the Dandys know that. [Capitol]

-Steve Miller

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