Danny Cohen CD review [Anti]

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Danny Cohen CD review [Anti]
Jun 7, 2005, 18:07

DANNY COHEN We're All Gunna Die CD

We're All Gunna Die sounds like the effort of someone who loves music—good and originally powerful music—and Cohen seems to have a deep appreciation of evocative, idiosyncratic songwriting and performance with a strong understanding of the elements that go into both. Sadly, he's unable to do it himself! On paper, a description of the kinds of things he does would make ya think he was the next Tom Waits. The right intentions are all there; only the artistry is missing… pretty much entirely.

Danny sings no better no worse than your Uncle Carl in the shower battling a wicked Budweiser hangover. The lyrical observations are certainly astute enough but their statement is no more eloquent, poetic or arresting than what you'd hear round the office cooler. Truly, some of the greatest art is to invest the most commonplace modes of expression with the subtle distinctiveness that renders it arresting and obtrusive even in its apparent candor. I don't doubt that was Cohen's intention. He simply did not achieve it.

If you're looking for an Everyman that somehow made the workaday compelling, then try and dig out any Biff Rose album (except the live one!) [Anti]

-Howard Wuelfing

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