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Doomed Nation DVD review
Sep 30, 2005, 16:24


I love a good value, and anybody who digs the doom should love the second installment of the Doomed Nation DVD. This DVD is a collection of live performances and videos from an assortment of doom metal bands, such as Weedeater, Ramesses, Ufomammaut, Buried at Sea, Church of Misery, Sunn O))), Lair of the Mintoaur, etc.  While the quality of the video and the sound is mixed, on the whole it's surprisingly good.  The interludes between songs are filled with scenes from low-budget horror flicks, primarily shots of semi-clothed women being stabbed with knives (What's that all about, fellas? Didn't your momma tell you violence against women is wrong?).  Standouts include Fangs Anal Satan's artsy black-and-white video for Church of Misery, a live performance from Sunn O))) appropriately overlaid with some celestial graphics, and a frenetic, quick-cut video from Lair of the Minotaur.  Did I say something before about value?  Well, this thing goes for only $13 on the Doomed Nation website, or even better, you can get it for free by buying $10 worth of comics.  Not a bad deal, not bad at all… []

-Brett Horn

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