Dungen CD review [Kamado]

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Dungen CD review [Kamado]
Aug 2, 2005, 17:44

DUNGEN Ta Det Lugnt CD

Dungen's Ta Det Lugnt seems to be a fairly solipsistic, quixotic and sorta pointless exercise. The one-man-band Gustav Ejstes has effectively recreated a panoramic landscape of Continental proto-progressive, post-psychedelic rock and pop from around the dawning of the 70's. Lotsa folks revisit this era, but most focusing on one specific style; Dungen deals with them ALL: the good, the bad and the oh-so ugh-er-ly.

Ta Det Lugnt opens sweetly with some mannered pop trifles boasting slightly skewed chord progressions, sophisticated, jazz-inflected harmonic structures and classical compositional pretensions; great vocal melodies. As the album proceeds, the writing grows ever more complexified, extending into suite-style construction ala Van Der Graaf Generator, Capability Brown et al at their most self-indulgent. Further in, vocals disappear and we're left with lengthy instrumentals given over to cod-jazz jamming and increasingly involved pseudo-symphonic complications.

The authenticity Ejstes brings to this enterprise is awesome—you can smell the slightly acrid mustiness of old vinyl LPs dredged out of forgotten corners of dilapidated warehouses; you can feel the grime on your fingers from ripping mungey cellophane… and perhaps ya think “why bother?” especially if you thought that way in '76 listening to the original stuff: “why'd anyone bother to write and record, this sorta labored, meandering, self-important silliness?” [Kemado]

-Howard Wuelfing

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