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Earthless CD review [Gravity]
Apr 26, 2005, 00:36


This disc is two instrumental tracks, each about 20 minutes long.  The first song starts with a Zeppelin beat on the drums, the bass then kicks in and the rhythm section locks into a groove they will hold for the duration of the song. 

This band is really all about the guitar.  More precisely, it's about guitar masturbation of the best kind. The first song is the realized wet dream of every teenager sitting in his room with a guitar and an amp, imagining he's Hendrix.  The guitarist takes it easy at first, playing with the groove, testing it out, taking careful baby steps until he's ready to fly.  Then he takes off and reaches up to kiss the sky.  It's absolutely glorious; you can almost hear him drooling as he tears off the restraints and embraces his inner guitar god.  Towards the end of the song, playing actual notes isn't getting him there fast enough, and he breaks it down into shards of treble bouncing off walls of feedback.  Have a cigarette ready for the end of this one because you'll need it. 

The second song is more mellow, a necessary breather after the climax of the first.  Towards the end, things get a little more hectic, but nothing approaching the eruption that precedes it.  This track works, but the first one is the main show.  Just to clarify, I'm not the type of person who likes 20-minute instrumentals because they are 20-minute instrumentals.  My default assumption would be boring and indulgent.  But these guys have got the moves and then some.  A tip of my backwards baseball cap to San Diego, CA's lovely gentlemen of Earthless. Keep on coming. [Gravity]

-Brett Horn

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